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TheGuySite – Friends with Benefits

For a busy production agenda, we had Jake Mitchel and his friend Dan Rhodes from theguysite set to both jack off simultaneously. Because these fellas knew each other from before and were also attracted to one another, it was not long before there was a bit of licking, rimming, and fucking going on. We also think their looks match one another in this the guy site videos. On top of that, everything from their talks to their interest in one another is true. So you’d better come and check these two hot guys out because you will be thrilled by their performance. Don’t hesitate to watch their whole scene to see what we are talking about.

They look alike and they have amazing chemistry. As soon as you start watching this hot scene you will understand what we mean. They started with a bit of cock stroking and than they moved on to some more interesting stuff. Watch these two taking each other’s cocks inside their mouths, licking and slurping, while rubbing each other off with their hands. After that you will be able to witness a hot ass hole hammering as you haven’t seen in a lot of time. These guys are gay in real life and it shows on the screen also. Watch these two stretching their tight ass holes and moaning in ecstasy. Enjoy your time here and come again for more! Also you might enter the blog and see other hot gay guys fucking!


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Sebastian Strong

In today’s theguysite we feature another hot guy that’s ready to show off his goods for the camera. His name is Sebastian Strong, and he’s decided to put his cock on display for your enjoyment. So have fun with Sebastian and his poses in today’s very hot gallery. Until we bring you the next big update, we hope you will enjoy this one.

Take a look at how this guy is posing inside the gym’s locker room, after an intense work out. Do you like his tattoos? Sebastian loves exposing himself for you guys all the time, even while getting undressed and ready to go take a shower after gym. Watch him showing off his muscular body covered is tattoos and his erect cock ready for some action. What do you think he will start doing after that? Are you ready to watch this guy rubbing his cock until he cums? Or would you rather he found a gym partner as horny as he is and ready for some intense sucking and fucking? This guy wants to make you cum as well, while watching him pleasuring himself in different ways. He is one of our guys that is very experienced and isn’t shy at all in front of the camera. We know he has a lot of fans out there that are very eager to see his hard cock. Come watch him in action now! Have fun!


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The Guy Site – J. T. and Marcello

The guy site continues to bring you Marcello’s adventures in the world of men only sex. And today we found him getting it on with another dude named J. T. He’s a mechanic at a car repair shop, and Marcello found himself intrigued by the guy. Suffice to say the two had some hard core gay sex in the hotel room that night. Obviously this guy loved sucking and fucking Marcello a lot. By the time they finished they promised each other that they would repeat this experience soon. Come watch this hairy dude fucking and getting fucked by his mechanic in this hotel room.

First this Italian guy started giving his partner a great blow job making him almost cum inside his mouth. Barely abstaining from shooting his load, J.T stopped Marcelo from what he was doing and started giving him a nice blow job also, while telling him to sit on his face. Watch this guy shoving his large piece of meat inside his partner’s mouth, making him gag. If you thought this would be all you are mistaken. Watch the entire scene if you are curious to see how they will start engaging in some anal destruction action later on. We know this is what you have been waiting for. You will love the way these two guys are ripping their ass holes in this super intense scene. Have fun watching!


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Double Muscle

As you know by now theguysite is always here to bring you the best of the best gay porn scenes. And in today’s update we have two guys with big muscles about to engage in some all guy fun together. Watch the two horny dudes as they compare dick sizes only to find themselves sucking each other’s cocks in the end.

These two hunks got together to shoot today’s hot update and as soon as they met they got along perfectly fine so that in the end they decided this wasn’t going to be a one time only. Watch these two hot hunks sucking each other’s large dicks before getting to some more exciting stuff. These two horny dudes enjoyed each other’s company a great deal. Come and check out their special scene that they shot for you to see how much they loved rubbing and sucking their hard cocks. Watch this entire scene to see whether they will start pounding their tight ass holes later on. Join our erotic community now and you will get to watch all of their hot scenes as well as some other sexy hunks that love sucking cocks. You won’t find any other muscular guys out there that are more handsome than these here. You will have a nice time seeing these two in action and you will definitely want to come again next time for more fun. Enjoy!


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The Guy Site – Marcello and Vince

For this the guy site update, Marcello returns and he’s not alone. His friend Vince offered to help him with his curiosity of how a serious anal pounding feels. So watch hairy Marcello get a thorough ass dicking in today’s gallery.

Now let’s return to today’s hot update in which this Italian guy Marcello is giving his best to satisfy his partner Vince in this nasty sex scene. Marcello wanted to perform in this hot scene and to let his friend give him a nice anal hammering because he was curious about how it would feel. He hasn’t done any anal scenes before and he was willing to give his best in this one. Watch Vince pounding his tight man hole, making him squirm and moan with enthusiasm. This guy really knows how to get his large tool in and out of that tight hole, giving him a lot of pleasure. If you’ll enjoy watching this scene come again next time because this guy has some other new ideas on his mind and he will clearly shoot some other hot scenes such as this one. Watch him in this intense anal pounding, check out all his hot videos and picture galleries, we know you’ll like all of them. You can be sure he’ll return soon in another one of our updates, until then, have fun everyone.


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Marcello’s first time

Today on theguysite Marcello is making his debut here. He is a really energetic dude and always has fun things on his mind to try out solo. For this one he decided to see what’s the big deal about fucking yourself with a dildo. And he got what he asked for and even more you could say. Just watch him fuck his ass deep with that pink dildo and see.

Take a look at Marcello’s kinky scene and see for yourself just how hot this guy really is. Apart from being extremely great looking, this Italian dude likes to stick hard plastic toys up his ass to spice things up. Watch him in this super nasty scene. He is just laying there at first, with his hands behind his head, presenting his hard cock near his dildo. After that he will start rubbing his cock slowly at first, with one hand, while he will start inserting his plastic pink toy up his ass with his other free hand. Watch him moaning the entire time, while shoving that dildo, harder and rougher up his ass. You won’t believe just how hot this guy is. Come and see how long it will take him until he cums hard, shooting his load all over himself. Enter this awesome website now and check out all our other horny guys. You will have a lot to choose from. Have fun!


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TheGuySite – Clint

Clint had some problems at his first TheGuySite shooting, because he couldn’t ejaculate. But now he’s back and ready to show you what he’s made of. He worked out more, sometimes using a penis pump. Well the effort he put into it was worth it. In this set after jerking off he cummed all over the place. Come check him out now!

Watch this guy using his special penis pump only on our hot website where we have a bunch of good looking guys like this one that love doing kinky things for you. This guy has an extremely hot body, as you can see and really loves showing it off. At first he was a little shy and he even had some technical difficulties so to speak, but as soon as we gave him a special kind of toy to play with, he could cum and shoot his load without any problems. Come watch him jerking off in this solo scene he has prepared for you and admire his beautiful large cock that he is exposing. Watch him rubbing his cock until he cums hard, shooting his load all over his six pack abs. You won’t see a hotter scene than this one on any other website, so come check out this hot dude as well as all our other guys that love shooting videos and picture galleries in which they are masturbating or fucking hot dudes. Enjoy!


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The Muscle Bear

Xavier is one of the hotter guys for The Guy Site. He has some big muscles all covered with dark fur. He didn’t want a scene with another guy. This time he just wanted to please his massive tool and he sure did. He started jerking off his enormous tool and couldn’t stop until he has got cum all over the place. Check him out now!

This guy is simply gorgeous. Just take a look at his fit body and his firm muscles all covered up with hair. He has got a manly appearance. By the way he looks you really wouldn’t guess that he enjoys fucking guys from time to time. But for today’s hot update he has prepared a solo session jerking off his gigantic tool. Would you like to come and take a look? You will definitely enjoy it greatly. This guy likes showing off like this for the camera and doing specials shows in which he strips slowly and exposes his sexy body and large cock. Would you like to be able to touch that long tool he has between his legs? He would also enjoy that a lot. But first come take a look at how this guy likes to take care of that hard on only here on our hot website where all our guys are chosen from the best. Take a tour to see what we are talking about and enjoy your stay!


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The Guy Site – Italian Muscle

Vince has a great personality, but that’s not why he’s on The Guy Site. Besides that he also has a smoking hot body and thick tool. he’s working very hard on his body and sure enjoys showing it off. He wanted to be alone in this scene, just pleasing his massive hard tool, jerking off and getting the floor all covered with hot jizz. Check it out now!

In this special scene this guy would like to show you how he likes beating off until a warm stream of creamy, white jizz comes out of his huge, thick tool. Come watch him jerking off for you and showing you how he likes to be touched. He has a lot of hot videos and picture galleries like this one in which he is rubbing his large tool and he is waiting for you to come now and check them all out. Watch this gorgeous hunk performing for you and making you get your cock hard as well. Would you like to have him next to you and have him taking care of your hard on also? We bet you would. But for now come take a look at his sexy shows here on our awesome website and keep rubbing your cock until you cum like this gorgeous hunk. You won’t regret choosing us since we have the best looking guys out here. Have fun watching and come again for more!


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Mike Buffalari

Mike Buffalari is TheGuySite’s newest guy. He’s friendly, outgoing and he’s a Brooklyn Italian. You’ve surely noticed his ripped body, his six pack and hard meat waiting to be stroked. He wanted for his first shooting just to brag with his goods and he sure did a hell of a job with it. Check out the rest of the pictures of this smoking hot stud!

This guy certainly has a nice sculpted body and it really shows. His passions are going to the gym and ripping tight ass holes of course. Watch him in this hot set of pictures exposing his beautiful body, sexy tattoos and erect pole. Though he appears to be a tough guy, he is quite a romantic type and he is the kind of guy that would take you on a few dates before expecting anything more. But then of course, when it comes to sexual pleasure he is willing and eager to give you anything and everything. Come check this guy out on our awesome website and expect to get a hard throbbing cock as well. He likes sucking and fucking just as much as any guy we have here, but on top of it, he is one of the best looking men you have seen. So don’t wait any longer he is waiting for you right now. He will show you a great time and make you come again for more. Have fun!


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