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TheGuySite – Buzz’s Choice

When Buzz was discussing with us the chances of him being on theguysite, we asked who he might be interested in performing a duo with. His response was lovely Marcelo. We were capable of making it take place and here you go. Included as well in this the guy site gallery is a behind the curtain video. It shows the people chatting butt naked as taking a 5 minutes break and also a sex position which simply did not work for poor Buzz in order to get his cock in Marcelo’s tight butt. Well let’s just take the time to enjoy seeing the two studs fuck in the shower for today shall we?

They both had tons of fun for today and they were more than eager to get started. As soon as they entered the shower and turned on the hot water, the guys began having their fun and they just went for it. See them sucking each other off to get hard, and then see them sliding those big and rock hard cocks in their tight asses as they take turns to fuck each other. And after they blow some big loads all over each other, you can see them washing each other off, as they soap up themselves. As always we hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll be seeing you guys next week. Bye bye!


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The guy site – David Chase and Bronson Gates

We have wanted to get hot David Chase back ever since he did his first solo here at The guy site. Besides his clear good looks, he also has this sexy personality that just seems to declare one thing only and that was “allow my sexy body to be your playground.” Works out he has a admirer in Bronson Gates who is been requesting us to hook him up. Theguysite movie is definitely an enjoyable way to spend your day and get all hard. There are many laughing and horny Bronson has a hard on even after he cums, just like the guys from chaosmen galleries. For his part, stud David enjoyed it quite enough to even ejaculate twice.


Anyway, this was quite a superb and sexy scene with the two guys as they spent the whole afternoon fucking each other nice and hard for the afternoon just for you to see, and you will surely enjoy it. They did work out for a bit in the beginning but they were just too turned on to pass on the opportunity to fuck one another in the ass today. Enjoy as Bronson bends over and lets the big and well endowed David pound his naughty and sexy ass from behind with his large cock today. You get to also see David as he blows his load all over Bronson’s nice and round ass in this afternoon. Enjoy it!

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Neo TheGuySite

Neo theguysite is back and larger than ever before. He is joined by extremely daddy StagHomme Ray Stone and his massive penis. Neo the guy site did his very best and got Ray’s penis like a real man. All of us had fun and there is also a behind the curtain video therefore you can be part of all the enjoyable time with us. Well Neo and Ray were the perfect pair, and we think that you will very much agree with our assessment for this nice and hot gallery with them. Take some time to sit back and enjoy the two horny guys getting around to having some sexual fun for you this afternoon.

As the scene starts, both guys start off dressed naturally, but they seemed to be pretty eager to get those clothes of and show off to one another. See them exposing their nice and big cocks and watch them starting to massage one another’s muscled bodies as well as they kiss passionately in front of the cameras. Then they engage in a superb cock sucking session taking turns to get each other hard. And by no means can you miss the next part where the studs began to fuck one another in their asses hard style just for you. Have fun with it and see you soon guys. Bye bye!


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Xander’s First Gay Experience

It’s been quite a long time since we’ve seen Xander from and he has opened his mind to one thing we thought he never try. Therefore, here he is taking a rubdown and a suckjob from a guy the very first time in his existence. Xander, from the guy site was quite stressed about the video shoot. He actually had sweat rings below his arms as soon as he showed up for the video shoot. His problem was that he may turn gay. we had to ensure him that it does not work like that. We think he loved it quite enough. Interesting thing: Even though this ones called Xanders 1st, it is also a second for this military classified dude also. He pointed out to the guy site that it is only the 2nd time anyone’s licked his balls.


Well one thing came out of all this, and as you can pretty much imagine, that was Xander finding a new love for sex with guys as well. He always wondered what was so special about gay dudes having sex, but from now on he seems to have converted sort of speak. He said that by no means he doesn’t want pussy anymore, but he’ll gladly take a cock for himself any time from now on as well. And it’s not hard to imagine why, after we paired him with our expert cock sucker that showed him a very very good time while they fucked for the whole afternoon today!

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Showing Off

The fellas are always asking us about when are we gonna get some females on the guy site. Well, females don’t actually fit here, on TheGuySite.Com Nevertheless, to make them happy, we got a lady to execute for them with one caveat, they’d to perform first for her. The course on this theguysite episode comes from the lady, Brandon Areana. It can be difficult corralling that much beef in a single room, yet, she did an excellent job getting the men to strip, band over, carry out some cock tricks, and, also measuring their cocks. Who has the largest dick? Look into the video and find out in this amazing update.

Well it’s a positive thing to say that you will have just as much great time seeing all these guys playing, as they had when they were posing around and showing off. Like we have said before, we gave them space to do their own thing into this room today and what they really desired to do, was to find out which one had the biggest dick. Enjoy watching them compare sizes and flexing their muscles today, and then see the whole sexy scene start as things degenerate in a wild jerking off contest with all of them stroking their hard and ready cocks. We hope you’ll like it and we’ll see you next week with some more fresh scenes!


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TheGuySite Jack

TheGuySite Jack is a naughty exhibitionist. He has done figure modeling in the art classes and personal designers, however, this is a brand new experience for this sexy guy. He does not jizz much when he shoots out trough glory hole. Still, he loved the event so much that he goes for one more round after he has his shower. Well we know for sure that you will enjoy seeing Jack here along with his simply superb and hot little scene as he plays with himself for the whole duration. He is one sexy dude and he knows it fully well, that being the reason why he got his very own solo scene today.

Another fresh week started and we just had to bring you one of the hottest guys that we have here without delay. He was super horny and ready to get naked for the cams, and we were all prepared to catch his magic happen on screen without delay. Sit back and watch this superbly sexy stud as he gets naked on his sofa and shows off his nice and big cock in front of a hot older male. You get to see him perform one nice and hot jerking off session for you as he strokes his now rock hard cock. See him blowing a load this afternoon and enjoy the view everyone. See you next week!

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The Guy Site – Boyfriends Bareback

This the guy site videos might come as a enjoyable surprise for lovers of these too very masculine males. They are a couple and you will get to watch them in very hot, sweaty, muscular bear action.Therefore, which one is on top and which one is on the receiving end? Watch the theguysite movie and  get ready to discover so many exciting things! If you liked these guys visit the chaosmen website and have fun watching other hot guys sucking and fucking just for your entertainment and their pleasure for the afternoon. Let’s just relax and view the hunks in action in this sensational little gallery, ok?

Both of the guys are a hunk with a muscled body each in their own nature, and manly as they are, the two guys just love cock. They found themselves all alone and unsupervised together in this motel room and they were ready to have some nice and wild times with one another just for you. Take a seat and see how they begin the scene with some nicely performed blowjobs! They are getting hard and all set to drill one another’s tight assholes, as well, later today. Then you get to see the amazing and hot ass fucking that went down with them taking turns to shove their cocks inside one another’s asses.

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Chance TheGuySite

This has been a while since chance theguysite has been on the guy site and we’ve been expecting him to grow out his sexy body hair. It happened once that two ladies that he hooked up chose to totally shave him. He stated they did it and not using a dry razor blade. Ouch! We are much nicer to the men than that. Ultimately, he managed to skip razors for quite some time and to enjoy, this week we provide you a double. You have to contrast and compare side-by-side with another beloved hairy naked soccer player- Jason. So let’s see the pair of studs having fun with each other in the showers.

We have to say, that you shouldn’t miss a single image in this pair of guy’s scene today as you can see two burly men spending some quality alone time under the hot water today. And of course that the two of them aren’t just taking a simple shower. The thing is that once they got to see each other naked they just had to have some fun as well and they engaged in a little jerking off session as well. See them stroking their cocks in front of one another until they blow their loads and cum all over each other. Lucky that they were in the shower to clean off after the wild times they had today!

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TheGuySite Chuck

This is another treat for the bear fans out there. Theguysite chuck has returned and as big as always.
You could have noticed before that he comes with an unusual way of pleasing himself just like the guys from collegeboyphysicals videos,so it requires a lot of slow dragging and pulling. It is so unusual, we think it is the only time we have ever seen this. He is doing it again on this occasion but adjust it up with a forceful no hands jizz shot. Watch the entire episode and much more other the guy site videos inside. So let’s get this stud’s show on the road and see him in action.

Chuck is a really massive man and also he is very very fit. He likes to attend to lots and lots of strong man conquests and he is always taking home the first prize. Well, you can say for sure that this hunk likes to take time chilling out as well and this nice evening he is going to expose himself, just how he enjoys to blow off steam when he isn’t pumping iron or taking part to any conquest. Sit back and see him taking a nice spot on his bed as he undresses and watch him starting to caress his cock. You get to see him jerk off fast and hard and of course he ends up blowing his load all over himself by the end! Wanna see some hot guys getting their cocks milked? If you do, watch some cmnm videos!


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The Guy Site – A Day in the Country

Cain from the guy site was kind enough to set up a nice location shoot for us and to even drive the team to the location. Then, on this staghomme video, he got in on the action offering 23 yr old Wade Wilder great head. Wade returned the favour and Cain even offers him a great rim job. It all ends up with horny Cain providing an exhibition of the ass play he did to get ready in take Luke’s large cock. Thank you Sid for the usage of your wonderful home for the shooting the guy site videos. So let’s just get this show started as we bet you are eager to see the studs in action as well.


Well the guys sure loved the time that they got to spend together today, and they were more than eager and happy to put on a superb little sex show for you guys to see today. Sit back and watch them starting to go at it in the back yard as they take off one another’s clothes and begin to suck and slurp on each other’s cocks after a passionate kissing session. And rest assured that they also took turns to fuck one another in the ass with those hard dicks. Enjoy the sweet and sexy gay fuck that you will see today and rest assured that you will see more next week everyone! If you can’t wait and you wanna see other horny gay guys sucking cocks, visit the site! Have fun and stay tuned, cause we have a lot of surprises for you!

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