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Showing Off

The fellas are always asking us about when are we gonna get some females on the guy site. Well, females don’t actually fit here, on TheGuySite.Com Nevertheless, to make them happy, we got a lady to execute for them with one caveat, they’d to perform first for her. The course on this theguysite episode comes from the lady, Brandon Areana. It can be difficult corralling that much beef in a single room, yet, she did an excellent job getting the men to strip, band over, carry out some cock tricks, and, also measuring their cocks. Who has the largest dick? Look into the video and find out in this amazing update.

Well it’s a positive thing to say that you will have just as much great time seeing all these guys playing, as they had when they were posing around and showing off. Like we have said before, we gave them space to do their own thing into this room today and what they really desired to do, was to find out which one had the biggest dick. Enjoy watching them compare sizes and flexing their muscles today, and then see the whole sexy scene start as things degenerate in a wild jerking off contest with all of them stroking their hard and ready cocks. We hope you’ll like it and we’ll see you next week with some more fresh scenes!


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