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When Buzz was discussing with us the chances of him being on theguysite, we asked who he might be interested in performing a duo with. His response was lovely Marcelo. We were capable of making it take place and here you go. Included as well in this the guy site gallery is a behind the curtain video. It shows the people chatting butt naked as taking a 5 minutes break and also a sex position which simply did not work for poor Buzz in order to get his cock in Marcelo’s tight butt. Well let’s just take the time to enjoy seeing the two studs fuck in the shower for today shall we?

They both had tons of fun for today and they were more than eager to get started. As soon as they entered the shower and turned on the hot water, the guys began having their fun and they just went for it. See them sucking each other off to get hard, and then see them sliding those big and rock hard cocks in their tight asses as they take turns to fuck each other. And after they blow some big loads all over each other, you can see them washing each other off, as they soap up themselves. As always we hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll be seeing you guys next week. Bye bye!


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