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Xander’s First Gay Experience

It’s been quite a long time since we’ve seen Xander from and he has opened his mind to one thing we thought he never try. Therefore, here he is taking a rubdown and a suckjob from a guy the very first time in his existence. Xander, from the guy site was quite stressed about the video shoot. He actually had sweat rings below his arms as soon as he showed up for the video shoot. His problem was that he may turn gay. we had to ensure him that it does not work like that. We think he loved it quite enough. Interesting thing: Even though this ones called Xanders 1st, it is also a second for this military classified dude also. He pointed out to the guy site that it is only the 2nd time anyone’s licked his balls.


Well one thing came out of all this, and as you can pretty much imagine, that was Xander finding a new love for sex with guys as well. He always wondered what was so special about gay dudes having sex, but from now on he seems to have converted sort of speak. He said that by no means he doesn’t want pussy anymore, but he’ll gladly take a cock for himself any time from now on as well. And it’s not hard to imagine why, after we paired him with our expert cock sucker that showed him a very very good time while they fucked for the whole afternoon today!

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